Cable Railing -- Great sightlines, sleek design

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Wagner provides cable railing with a sleek design and optimal durability that is flexible and able to be installed in numerous applications, indoors and out.

Cable Railing

Wagner offers Ultra-tec® Cable Railing Systems with great sight lines and a sleek stainless steel design. These cable railings provide great aesthetics and flexibility in any setting – indoors or out, whether running horizontally or vertically. Plus, all hardware components come in a variety of sizes and material choices that can be configured to meet your specific design needs.

Ultra-tec Railing System is also the only cable railing system to feature Invisiware®. With this technology, all hardware is hidden inside the end posts, providing a pristine look, unmatched by any other cable connector.

Key features:

  • Mountable within wooden or metal frames.
  • Strong and durable with minimal maintenance.
  • Virtually limitless applications.
  • Complies with building codes — when properly specified and installed.
  • Flexible design with a range of fitting options.
  • No rough edges, bulky fasteners or exposed turnbuckles.